About Me


I am a mother who loves spending quality time with my family, scrapbooking with friends, and testing new recipes. Doing my best to be healthy, I work-out several days a week. My favorite exercise is hiking with my family. My family and I enjoy the company of three little animals; a surprisingly cuddly cat, a tri-colored cocker spaniel, and a slightly sassy mini horse.

Over the last two years, I have been changing my diet from vegetarian to plant-based. I was delighted to find several plant-based websites. My favorites areĀ fragrantvanilla.com by Amy Lyons and plant-poweredkitchen.com by Dreena Burton. These ladies are very talented. They have helped my transition go smoothly. I have decided to start this website to assist others that are working on making a change to a plant-based diet. As I learn more about this way of living, I will be sharing the new information on my blog. I will also be sharing new recipes I have developed and that have been approved by my family.